November 22, 2021


"As professional as it gets. Although i did not request an actual walk through for a friend of mine and her rodent problem I did recieve a lot of advice and even had a few chuckles with a Jody Kowing out of Juneau. If i myself am ever in need of their services I for sure will not hesitate to call them!! Super nice."
March 4, 2021

"I was the victim of the dreadful BEDBUG , it was a nightmare at best. the Phycological impact was horrendous! BUT Pied Piper went WAY ABOVE and BEYOND their offered services to help me eliminate my dire situation. the situation was so dire that we bought a house and I Was not going to bring these icky bugs with me, so with a few good talks with Pied Piper and their amazing team we came up with the ultimate plan and solution that was not easy and most certainly a full time job as we ended up "cooking" my entire house in their convenient heat shack !!!!!!, BUT WE DID IT !!!!!!!! Two U-hauls, 3days, Fabulous help from friends to move stuff in the heat shack and out ( which Pied Piper also was so generous to allow me to use some of their parking lot !!!!) HAPPY TO FINALLY write this review as we moved into our home Jan 28th 2020 am I elated to say that we are no longer victims of the BEDBUG... ICK Happy no bug anniversary and I will forever be grateful to PIEP PIPER and YES their ad is spot on !!! My Mother and I thankyou and we will always recommend you !!!! "
December 20, 2019

"I was very, very pleased with the service I received. I am a landlord who was responding to matters raised by a tenant. I won’t go into details in a public forum other than to say that the expert technician, Jake, handled the matter very skillfully and professionally. "
June 7, 2018

"Great working relationship with customers, punctual, effective solutions. "
June 4, 2018

"It was great being able to ask Arthur a lot of questions that I had and he answered all my questions and I understood the process so much better. Very friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend them. Thank you."
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