How To Become a Pest Control Technician?

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Considering a job as a pest control technician can be rewarding. Some of the most common pests homeowners look to get rid of include bedbugs, roaches, termites, ticks, and fleas. In general, pest control technicians must be at least 18 years of age, certified, and complete all necessary training.

Steps To Become a Certified Pest Control Technician

Pest control technicians are responsible for inspecting homes and businesses for potential signs of an infestation. They are trained and use their skills to detect trails, nests, entry points, and much more. Pest control techs are trained to use the proper equipment and handle chemicals carefully.

Education Requirements

Pest control technicians will receive on-the-job training and formal instruction. Even still, technicians are required to be at least 18 years of age and pass a state licensing exam. However, the state licensing exam and training courses all depend on the state you reside in. There are other states that may even require additional things, including criminal background checks and apprenticeships.

You can expect formal training to take about three months to complete. This training covers the careful handling of pesticides, identifying pests, legal duties, pesticide labeling, and accident procedures.


On average, pest control techs earn $37,330 annually. This information was current as of May 2019. Those in the top 10 percent can earn up to $60,320.


Most pest control technicians become employed by well-known pest control companies that can provide training throughout their careers. This can also lead to various certifications and opportunities for job advancement. Pest control workers that gain enough experience under their belts can move onto managerial positions and even open up their own pest control companies.


Pest control workers are equipped with personal attire to protect them from exposure to dangerous chemicals. Workers are expected to crawl into small areas and even climb onto ladders. Some workers are called for emergencies. Workers can also expect to work longer hours during seasons when pest problems worsen. They have access to company vehicles and must work in various weather conditions. Technicians also come in contact with various pests, some of which can be aggressive, including wasps and poisonous spiders.

Growth Outlook

Pest control technicians can expect a lot of growth and opportunity for jobs to open up in 2028. You can expect a growth rate of 7 percent by 2028, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This will result in more than 5,800 new pest control careers and may even increase from there.

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