Do Raccoons Carry Diseases?

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We’ve all seen videos on the internet of a cute, chubby raccoon sitting lazily on a couch or cuddling up to their human. As endearing as these videos are, they don’t exactly do a fantastic job of creating an accurate impression of a raccoon. Yes, raccoons are cute, but they are also wild creatures known to spread various types of diseases. Raccoons can pose a real problem for residents when they get into their homes, requiring pest control in in Alaska to resolve the situation.

The concern over rabies

Throughout North America, only a handful of mammals are considered to be ready carriers of rabies. Raccoons are right at the top of that list. If you spot a raccoon in the wild, you’re best served by letting it go on its way. If, however, you spot a raccoon exhibiting strange behavior, it’s a good idea to contact authorities.

“Strange behavior” would include the raccoon making repeated, high-pitched noises, strange discharge from their mouth and eyes, an odd way of walking or a complete obliviousness to their surroundings.

A breeding ground for diseases

Outside of rabies, raccoons are known to carry a host of other viruses that could prove dangerous for people. For example, raccoons can play host to a type of roundworm that lays eggs in the raccoon’s digestive tract. These eggs are then passed through the animal’s feces, where they can infect any people around the raccoon. When the roundworm takes hold of a human host, it can cause severe neurological problems.

Raccoon urine can also be a transmitter for a disease called leptospirosis. Anyone who comes in direct contact with raccoon urine is at risk. Leptospirosis manifests as fever, headache, muscle pain and vomiting.

Raccoons in Alaska

Here’s something you may not know: raccoons are not native to Alaska. Though private individuals have attempted to transfer the species to the state, none of the attempts have stuck. Though some people still keep raccoons as pets, it is highly illegal to do so. As a result, raccoons in Alaska are extremely rare. If you run across one or several, the smartest thing to do is call in a pest control professional in Alaska to capture the critter before they harm themselves or others.

Let Pied Piper Pest Control come to the rescue

If you’ve spotted raccoons in Alaska, then one simple phone call can make all the difference. Call Pied Piper Pest Control! We’re proud to have more than 50 years of experience handling every species that can be found in the great state of Alaska. Though they’re not common, we can still capably handle any raccoon problems you may be experiencing. We guarantee it.

We’re proud to be the area’s oldest and most accomplished pest control service. It’s a title that we take very seriously, which is why our team of highly-skilled professionals remains as committed to the job as they were the day we opened our doors all the way back in 1965.

In addition to our raccoon mitigation services, we can also help you get rid of a massive variety of insects, squirrels, birds, rodents and more. If wildlife of any shape or size is giving you trouble, you can count on Pied Piper Pest Control. Visit us online or give us a call today to schedule pest control service in Alaska. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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