How to Naturally Remove Larder Beetles

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If you’ve ever opened your kitchen cupboards and grabbed a package of food, only to discover a bunch of small, creepy-crawling insects roaming around, you probably have come face-to-face with larder beetles. Larder beetles are extremely common in households, particularly near food sources, due to the shelter and abundance of food homes can offer.

Larder beetles are small—about ¼ of an inch long—and are black or dark brown with a tan middle body covered in black dots. These beetles are often mistaken for cockroaches, and for good reason—they look similar and act very much the same, seeking out rotting material and food to survive. In your kitchen, you are most likely to find larder beetles near foods rich in proteins or fats, as well as in bags of grains or flour, because these packages are some of the easiest to get into.

Larder beetles are not harmful to humans—they will not bite or cause physical pain, but they should not be tolerated in the house nonetheless. Pests can still contaminate food with bacteria and spread diseases, so you should seek pest control in Alaska immediately if you discover an infestation.

There are some natural ways you can get rid of larder beetles on your own, as well. Try these methods before calling an exterminator if you don’t want to deal with chemicals in your home:

  • Clean the kitchen: The first thing you’ll want to do upon discovering larder beetles in your home is clean everything right away. Check your food packages for signs of beetle infestation—often, larder beetles will bore directly through the sides of packaging. Throw away anything the beetles might have gotten into. Then, clean your cabinets, fridge, countertops and other food prep areas with hot water and soap to remove bacteria. Doing a deep clean should be enough to get rid of the infestation.
  • Use airtight containers: When storing food in cabinets, don’t rely on plastic bags or even open packaging. Seal food tightly in airtight containers so larder beetles can’t smell or get into it. Plastic and glass containers work best for deterring the beetles because larder beetles can actually bore right through wood and even some flimsy metal materials.
  • Seal holes and cracks: To prevent larder beetles from getting into your home in the first place, you’ll need to conduct a thorough examination of your home and work to seal up all cracks and holes that allow entry from outside. Use caulk on your siding, baseboards and more, and replace ripped window screens.

In the event that these three natural methods don’t work at removing the pests, you may need to move on to using commercial insecticides to remove them. If you are unsure of how to use chemical treatments to target pests, call a professional provider of pest control in Alaska for assistance. An exterminator can help identify your pest infestation and mitigate it quickly and efficiently.

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