What Are The Differences Between A Weevil And A Grain Beetle?

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What Are The Differences Between A Weevil And A Grain Beetle?

Flour beetles are annoying insects that infest flour and make it unusable. They are sometimes known as flour weevils. Technically this term is incorrect, since weevils belong to a different group of insects. But unfortunately, some weevils also infest flour. And while both types of insects are interesting, they can both be annoying pests nonetheless.

Flour Beetles

Flour beetles are a group of insects that infest flour and make it unusable. They are a common pest in grocery stores, mills and food processing plants. They attack and contaminate flour and grain products such as pasta, cereals, cake mixes, spices, powdered milk and cornstarch. The infestation is characterized by an unpleasant odor and a moldy taste.

Granary Weevils

Grain weevils infest flour, dried pasta, rice and other pantry staples. When they find a grain kernel that is infested, they will chew a hole and deposit an egg inside the hole. They then seal the hole with a gelatinous substance that helps them survive until they hatch into adults. After developing, they will eat their way out of the grain. These insects are not only dangerous to a farmer, but also harmful to home kitchens and pantry shelves. They can infest all stored grains, wheat and other foods that are in contact with them.

Foreign Grain Beetles

Grain and pantry pests can wreak havoc on stored foods. They can damage cereals, rice, pasta and other dry foods if left unchecked. Most often, grain and pantry pests enter homes when they hitchhike on food items. For example, if you buy a box of crackers at the grocery store, the insects may travel on the packaging and enter your home through a crack in the wall or baseboard. Foreign grain beetles are just one type of such pests. Foreign grain beetles make it their lives’ mission to infest grain, flour and other dry foods. This is an economic and environmental hazard, and can be difficult to eliminate. Keeping your storage areas clean and properly sanitized can help prevent an infestation.

Preventing Infestation

The most effective way to prevent flour beetles is to inspect all dry goods and food before purchasing them. If you see holes, chew marks or damage on the packaging, do not purchase it as there is a good chance it is contaminated with these pests. Storing flour and other grains in airtight containers is another way to prevent these pests from infesting your pantry. This will keep them from destroying your dry food and can help to prevent the infestation of other pantry items as well.

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