Can Weevils Damage My House?

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Household pests can come in many forms. Although we often think of termites, roaches, and mice as the main culprits in our homes, the Root Weevil can also cause damage and irritation. This destructive insect can often go undetected for long periods of time, allowing it the chance to harm your garden. This quick guide will provide you with much-needed information on identifying and stopping weevils on your property. Keep reading to learn more.  

Are Root Weevils a Threat?

Weevils do not cause a direct threat to the structure of your home like termites do. They also do not directly affect the health of humans or animals living on the property. However, they can still cause damage and frustration.

Weevils are primarily a threat to your vegetation, gardens, and landscaping. When you consider that some people invest a great deal of money into these aspects of their home, you can see why stopping a weevil infestation would be important.

Types of Weevils

There are different types of common weevils. The most common type of weevil is the black vine root weevil. This pest will attack shrubs. Shrubs are often an important part of landscaping and are not always cheap. When weevils are left untreated, they can destroy your shrubs. Removing dead or damaged shrubs is a labor-intensive job. New shrubs cannot be planted until old ones are removed. This clearly demonstrates the need to keep weevils away.

Another common type of weevil is the strawberry weevil, which specifically attacks strawberry plants.

Larval root weevils are another type you should watch out for. They are found in the soil and will often look like grubs.

How Weevils Damage Plants

Once weevils make an appearance in your garden or even in your houseplants, they can easily damage roots and leaves. You may notice irregular bites out of the leaves around the edges. Root weevils are active at night, so you will likely see the damage in the morning.

How To Control Weevils

You can get control of a weevil infestation. There are even organic methods of controlling this pest. Parasitic nematodes are one great way to control the problem without chemicals. Predatory beetles are also an option you might want to consider.

Some gardeners believe the most natural way to solve the issue is by simply picking the weevils off of the plants when they come out at night.

You can also lure the weevils out with a shallow pan of water. They are attracted to moisture. Once in the pan, they will drown.

If you are comfortable using non-organic methods, you can purchase a spray that will eliminate or discourage weevils from visiting your plants.


Please remember that weevils are not harmful to humans or animals. They will not damage the structure of your home or spread diseases. They will, however, cause damage to plants, gardens, and landscaping. 

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