What Are Natural Insect Repellents?

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Plant-based repellents are also known as natural insect repellents. They have been used for many generations as a personal protection measure against host-seeking mosquitos. Knowledge about traditional repellents has been obtained via ethnobotanical studies, which is a valuable resource for the development of natural products. Continue reading to learn more about what plant-based repellents are.

All About Natural Insect Repellents

Plants produce chemicals that act as a natural deterrent to pests. They have been used since ancient times to help repel insects. There are currently several natural products that demonstrate the efficiency of repellents. One of the most significant benefits of using a plant-based repellent is user acceptability. People tend to favor products that are natural over ones that are synthetic.

The active ingredients in plant-based products are also thought by some to pose fewer risks to users. And since these repellents are typically applied right to the skin, people tend to favor these products because they don’t have a harsh chemical smell. It is important to consider the active ingredients when choosing an insect repellent. Personal preference does play a role in selection as well.

Many people may also believe that there is a strong perception that natural products are safer than synthetics. Most importantly, insect repellents that come from plants can be just as inexpensive as others, and a sustainable way to prevent disease in areas of the world that are high-risk. They can also be less damaging to the environment if they are ethically sourced and produced. There are also guidelines for repellent testing that must be followed.

Benefits of Natural Insect Repellents

Here are several benefits of using natural insect repellents.

  • Free of DEET. DEET is the active ingredient that is found in most of the insect repellents you can easily purchase from the store. While it may be effective in repelling insects, the substance itself can cause harm to your nervous system in the long run.
  • Great for your skin. It doesn’t matter how clean your home is, bugs will always find a way to enter. They can’t help but be attracted to things including junk, food, or liquids. This is why a trustworthy insect repellent will always come in handy.
  • They work better. People believe that if a product is natural, the effects are not as impressive as standard repellents. However, this is not true. Essential oils including cedarwood and rosemary contain properties that are terrific insect repellents. These oils come from grasses, flowers, leaves, trees, or fruits. These plants have been created by nature to contain various properties that repel pests in order for them to bloom and grow.
  • Good for the mind. Natural repellents offer aromatherapy. All you need to do is sniff the product and your find will be at peace. The scents are calm and can relax your mind and muscles, making you feel more at ease.
  • Cruelty-free. If you choose the natural route, you will see that they are vegan-friendly, which means you can feel confident that no animals have been harmed in the production of your lotions, creams, or sprays. 

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