How To Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

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A household ant issue can cause you more problems than an inconvenience. For example, carpenter ants can cause home damage similar to the disturbances that termites cause. They can also cause health risks if your home is infected with them and cause an allergic person to have a bad reaction. Therefore, you need to eliminate the issue ASAP if you have it. These are some tips for getting rid of carpenter ants once and for all.

Set Death Traps

It might sound cruel, but you may have to set a trap to eliminate a bug problem. Think of the ants as intruders honing in on your territory and trying to take over while they’re at it. You may have to lay out some items they love mixed with elements that will destroy them. For example, jelly, candy, and other sweets attract ants. Elements such as baking soda and boric acid kill them. Try making a little night-night mix with those ingredients and see if it works to decrease the colony numbers.  

Improve Your Cleaning Habits

An ant infestation isn’t necessarily your fault, but you can improve your situation by ridding your home of items they love. Try using bleach to clean countertops, cracks, and crevices. Tea tree oil and lemon could help to alleviate the problem as well. Mixing dish soap and water and putting them in a spray bottle is an old-school trick that also alleviates ants and other pests. 

Take Care of Water Leaks and Crumbs

Crumbs are like magnets for ants. You’ll always see them crowded around in areas where household members drop crumbs. They like to play around in the water, too. Thus, your best bet is to clean water spills right away and have a plumber fix leaks when you notice them. Ensure that you sweep and mop the floor daily to eliminate any crumbs from attracting your uninvited visitors. Again, using bleach or lemon to clean the floors can be an immense help in solving your pest problem. 

Call an Exterminator

Exterminators have been trained to get rid of ants and other intruders, and they have special chemicals and tactical methods for doing so. Don’t be afraid to consult with a pest professional so that you can at least get some advice on the matter. The exterminator will inspect your home to see how bad the infestation is and then develop a plan to help you.  

Repeat Treatments Multiple Times :Pest Control

Ensure that you invite the exterminator back multiple times for checkups and additional treatments. It’s likely that the pests will return if you don’t stay abreast of the problem. Ask the exterminator how much he or she charges for top-up visits and schedule them regularly to keep your home free of pesky carpenter ants and their families while you stay there. 

Knowledge is power, and you should now have all the strength in the world to eliminate your carpenter ant problem. Try the tips mentioned above, and then contact a reputable extermination company if you don’t see any results.   

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