How To Avoid Mosquitos in the Anchorage Spring

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Mosquitoes cause itchy bites, can transmit disease, and are just plain annoying. If not controlled, they can quickly ruin any outdoor activity. Alaska mosquito tips can help control adult mosquitoes in mid-May, but there are things you can do now to help reduce the mosquito population and make your yard more mosquito-proof.

1. Drain Stagnant Water 

Remove any containers that can hold water, such as buckets, tires, or toys. Drill holes in the bottom of recycling containers. Empty and change the water in birdbaths weekly. Turn over plastic wading pools when not in use. Keep swimming pool covers clean and in good repair.

2. Clear Bushy Areas

Mosquitoes like to rest in areas of heavy vegetation during the day. Keep shrubbery trimmed and the grass cut short. The vegetation around your home will be healthier if you follow these landscaping tips anyway. Often, mosquitoes reside in wooded areas adjacent to well-landscaped yards.

3. Wear Light-Colored Clothing

Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors. Wearing light-colored clothing makes it easier for them to spot you and helps reduce the number of bites you get. According to entomologists, clothing with long sleeves and pants offers the best protection against bites. The suitable color of clothing seems to vary by mosquito species, so it’s best to experiment to see what works best in your area.

4. Use Mosquito Repellent

When used as directed, mosquito repellents are safe and effective. The most effective are repellents with DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, and IR3535. DEET is a common mosquito repellent found in products like Off!, Cutter, and Repel. Picaridin is found in KBR 3023, Sawyer Fisherman’s Formula, and Repel Sportsmen Max Formula products. Oil of lemon eucalyptus is found in products like Repel Lemon Eucalyptus, OFF! Botanicals, and Cutter Lemon Eucalyptus. IR3535 is found in Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Expedition and SkinSmart Anti-Itch.

When using DEET repellents, follow the label instructions carefully, especially when using them on children. Reapply repellent as directed. For instance, repellents with a higher percentage of DEET provide longer-lasting protection.

5. Cover Up

Wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants protects exposed skin from mosquito bites. Consider treating clothing with permethrin, an insecticide that repels and kills mosquitoes. You can buy pre-treated clothing or treat your clothing by following the instructions on the package. The suitable clothing should be loose-fitting and cover as much skin as possible.

Mosquitoes that can transmit the West Nile virus are most active at dawn and dusk. Consider rescheduling outdoor activities during these times, or take extra care to protect yourself if you must be outside.

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