Are Wild Baby Raccoons a Good Pet?

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Raccoons live across North America and can be recognized easily with their mask-like markings on their faces. Many people believe that these animals are cute because of their faces and the way they use their small paws. However, this doesn’t mean that they make good pets. Though many people have kept raccoons as pets, animal experts do not recommend doing so since they are unpredictable and can create a lot of danger.

Raccoons as Pets

Raccoons are not domesticated animals. Therefore, they should never be kept as pets. Their nature is to be unpredictable and mischievous. They can also be extremely aggressive. They are considered wild animals for a reason and can turn on you at any moment, even if you think you have them tamed. If they bite you, it can cause serious damage to you since their teeth are dangerously sharp. Additionally, they have sharp, long claws that can attack humans at any moment.

One thing about raccoons is that their temperaments vary. Some raccoons can appear friendly toward humans, while others can come off as extremely aggressive. No matter how they may seem, it is never worth the risk to keep them as a pet.

Raccoons and Diseases

Did you know that raccoons can carry rabies? Rabies is fatal to both animals and humans if not treated. Raccoons can also carry and pass many other diseases, including salmonella, leptospirosis, and distemper. Additionally, they can be carriers of lice, fleas, roundworms, and a host of other parasites that can make people extremely sick.

Can a Raccoon be Domesticated?

Unlike dogs, which can be easily domesticated, raccoons are not sociable animals. Instead, they are hostile and have extremely instinctual behaviors toward animals and humans. Dogs form bonds with people easily. However, raccoons cannot form emotional connections with people even after many breeding attempts have been made.

Many people have attempted to breed raccoons in the past to turn them into nice house pets. However, these attempts were never successful. No matter how many people have bred raccoons, it never took away from the fact that the raccoons were still unable to form deep connections with humans like cats and dogs. Raccoons are curious, aggressive, and extremely unpredictable by nature and should be left that way.

It’s Illegal in Most States

Furthermore, in most U.S. states, it is illegal to have a raccoon as a pet. As of today, there are currently 15 states that allow raccoons to be kept as pets. However, many of these states also require owners to possess a wild animal permit. Additionally, there may be other laws and guidelines in place regarding keeping a raccoon as a pet. If you are adamant about keeping a raccoon as a pet, check with your state.

Final Thoughts

You will never see a raccoon for sale in a pet store because they do not make good pets. They cannot be trained like dogs and will never be obedient. The best place for a raccoon is in the woods, where they belong. While younger raccoons can seem obedient and playful, they can become aggressive and unpredictable once they reach adulthood.

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