Keeping Mice Out of Your Vacation Cabin: The Essential Tips You Must Follow

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Late in the year, many people prefer to take things slow and relax a bit more. With winter setting in, you may just want to stay in your vacation cabin and get away from it all.

Unfortunately, your attempt at enjoying a relaxing winter may be disrupted if mice get into your vacation cabin. How do you stop that from happening? We have come up with some rodents control and mice control tips that could prove very useful and they are detailed below.

Seal All Potential Entry Points

The winter climate can be tough on mice. The cold temperatures can be difficult for them to endure and searching for food is not easy either. If they can find their way into your cabin somehow, they will likely go in there since it’s preferable to the alternative.

As the owner of that cabin, your job is to make it as difficult as possible for any mice to gain entry. Scan your home for any potential entry points that mice can use and make sure they are sealed.

Inspect gaps along your doors and windows and proceed to close them. If there are parts of your home that are damaged, you may need to patch them up as well. Even your drains and vents could serve as entry points for mice so they must be guarded, too.

Whenever you’re not using your cabin, you need to keep those entry points closed to keep the mice at bay.

Deny Access to Food and Water

Why are mice constantly drawn to your vacation cabin? In all likelihood, they want to get in there because they think it will be full of food and water. You need to show the mice that nothing good is waiting for them inside your cabin.

If you’re not using your cabin, you should avoid storing any food there. Just bring the food with you when you go there for your vacation. With no odors of food attracting the mice, they will be less inclined to enter your cabin.

You should also stop the rodents from getting any water while they are staying near your property. Doing that is easy enough as you just have to shut off any water fixtures located outside of your home.

Keep Mice Away Using Repellents

Strategically positioning mice repellents is another good way to keep pests away from your vacation cabin.

Peppermint oil is a good repellent. Spray possible entry points with that oil to discourage mice from entering your cabin. You can also douse cotton balls with that peppermint oil and use them to line the entry points.

Cayenne pepper and mints are other repellents that you can use on mice.

How to Get Rid of a Particular Mouse Species

In all likelihood, the species pestering your home is the common house mouse. Aside from eating your food and damaging your cabin, house mice can also be troublesome because they are known to carry diseases.

Thankfully, getting rid of that particular mouse species is easy enough.

By keeping storage areas clean and organized, you can effectively eliminate hiding spots for house mice. They are less likely to stay inside your cabin if they have nowhere to hide.

You can also keep those house mice out of your cabin by lighting up your storage areas.

The last thing you want to see at the start of your winter break is a vacation cabin that has been ravaged by mice. Prevent that from happening by following the mice control tips we’ve detailed in this article.

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