How to Get Free Wildlife Removal

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It can happen at any moment: critters from the wild may find their way inside your home or onto your property, and they can’t (or won’t) get out. These are wild animals and they should not be hanging around inside your home or making a home of their own in your yard. If wildlife are getting a little too cozy in your space, you need wildlife control, and fast.
Fortunately, there are some ways to get free wildlife removal. This ranges from calling the appropriate local resource to asking a neighbor for help. Here are some suggestions for how to get free wildlife removal.

Call for help

There are some resources that might be available to help you with wildlife removal in your area free of charge. The best place to start is with government resources. This includes local city or county animal services. It never hurts to call and see if they handle the type of wildlife removal you need.
If they aren’t able to help, don’t fret. There are still a few options you can try. Look for local nonprofits that handle wildlife issues, like wildlife rehabilitation centers. Especially if the animal in question looks to be injured or in distress, they may have specialists trained to handle exactly this type of situation.

Finally, if all else fails, you might try calling your local police, sheriff or fire department for help. It’s quite possible that they will be too busy or otherwise unable to assist you, but they may also have suggestions for someone who can help.

There’s also the option to ask a neighbor for assistance. Even if you feel perfectly capable and unafraid of dealing with wildlife in your home or yard, it may be safer and easier to do so with the help of a neighbor. After all, you’d do the same for them, right?

Hire a professional

While free options for wildlife control are probably going to be what you look for first, sometimes it’s best to hire a professional to handle the problem. This might be due to the lack of resources to handle your specific problem, or it might be due to the amount of time you would have to wait to have it taken care of.

There are other reasons to hire a professional, too. Wildlife can be dangerous to handle if you’re not properly trained, and you could be risking your safety by attempting to handle a wild animal on your own. You may also scare the animal in the process, and when a wild animal feels threatened, it may become more aggressive than it otherwise would be and lash out in self defense. There is also the chance that the animal may have rabies, which not only makes it more aggressive but also can infect you and require a trip to the hospital.

The bottom line is that it’s probably best to leave wildlife control to the professionals. If you need experienced, professional and prompt wildlife control service, contact Pied Piper Pest Control today.

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