How to Get Rid of Strawberry Root Weevils: Our Best Strategies

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While strawberry root weevils are harmless, they can become a true nuisance if they make it inside your home during the warm months of summer. During years when the population is high, they tend to crawl their way into your home and make it their own living space, and they can multiply to enormous numbers. Here are some tried and true techniques to keep strawberry root weevils from invading your home.

Exterior strategies

Although strawberry root weevils often make their way into your home, they actually feed on plant foliage, so any infestation always starts outdoors. Check for them on plant foliage, especially if you have strawberry plants. These pests feed on the roots, causing damage to plants. It’s best to catch them during the larval stage, which is when they do the most damage. Avoid using chemical treatments on strawberry root weevils. It’s best to hand-remove weevils on plants and put them in soapy water. For those you can’t remove, prevent them from crawling up foliage by applying strips of sticky horticultural tape around the base of plants. Another strategy for dealing with larval strawberry root weevils is to apply parasitic nematodes to soil surrounding infested plants—it enters the larvae and eliminates them. If you’re dealing with a large infestation that’s getting out of hand, call a professional pest control service to apply a foliar insecticide like pyrethrin. It should be applied in the evening when these pests are most active and honeybees and other beneficial insects are inactive.

Instant results

The best strategy to tackle a strawberry root weevil infestation is by using diatomaceous earth. It’s an organic and highly effective way to kill weevils, and is safe to use around humans and pets, as long as it’s applied in an area where it will not be disturbed or touched. It’s best to apply in areas below baseboards, below sinks, in windowsills and below cabinets and stoves. Proper application of diatomaceous earth is extremely important. Your own health, as well as that of your family and pets, depends on it. Always work with a professional pest control company when using a product like this, since they know the best application strategies to get you the results you want: no more nuisance pests!

Long-term solutions

One long-term solution for keeping strawberry root weevils out of your house is by creating an impenetrable barrier. Caulk and seal the outside of the house, paying extra attention to the areas around your soffits, foundation, walls and vents. Remember that these weevils are harmless to touch, so you can remove weevils that havemade it indoors by hand or by vacuuming them up.Strawberry root weevils are annoying pests, and an infestation in your home can quickly get out of hand during the summer months. It’s often best to rely on the tried-and-true techniques that only a reputable pest control service like Pied Piper Pest Controlcan provide. Reach out today to
learn more about how to control nuisance pests around the house and keep your family comfortable.

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