Four Hidden Costs of Bed Bug Infestations

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People dread bed bugs for good reason. Their arrival at your property interrupts your everyday life and inevitably will impact your finances. It’s tricky to rid a property of bed bugs in Anchorage, AK. If you experience an infestation, it’s crucial that you get it resolved right away with the help of extermination professionals. Get the situation taken care of to avoid these four hidden costs of bed bug infestations.

Emotional damage

Bed bug infestations are unsettling. There are mental impacts that occur during and after an infestation. It’s common to experience anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns. Since bed bugs bite when you’re in bed, it can make it hard to get to sleep and stay asleep, potentially leading to insomnia. Constant paranoia and the stress of worrying about recurring infestations takes a toll on your overall wellbeing. Eradicate the problem the first time around by having an experienced pest control professional remove bed bugs right after you spot them.

Health complications

Health risks come with any type of infestation. Bed bugs exclusively feed on blood. They need to have direct contact with your skin so they can feed. While bed bugs aren’t known to transmit specific diseases, their bites can be a cause of discomfort. If you’ve ever experienced a bed bug bite, you already know it’s very itchy. Too much scratching can cause skin rash or infection in some cases. You’ll likely see red bumps and other signs of irritation if you’ve been bitten by bed bugs. Bites typically take about one to two weeks to get better. Your body’s individual reaction to bed bug bites will vary based on your overall health and immunological response.

Property damage

The financial costs associated with bed bug infestations include more than just the exterminator’s fees. Bed bugs typically make themselves at home in mattresses, which means all bedding usually has to go. They can also find their way into other fabrics around the house—even your clothing isn’t safe. In some extreme cases, carpeting and rugs need to be removed, too. The good thing is that if you catch and deal with an infestation right from the start, you can minimize your overall financial damage.

Reputation damage

If you’re a landlord, hotel operator or even if you regularly host guests at your home, a bed bug infestation can do damage to your reputation. It’s not always clear how bed bugs arrive and make themselves at home at a given property. If you’re responsible for an infested property, it does have an impact on people’s perceptions. This reputation comes at an unquantifiable price.

It’s clear that you should avoid a bed bug infestation at all costs. If you do experience a bed bug infestation in Anchorage, AK, you need to do what you can to deal with the situation right away. The experts at Pied Piper Pest Control can take care of the issue and get you back to normal life as soon as possible. Reach out to schedule an appointment!

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