What Causes Earwigs to Come Into Your House?

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Like it or not, we share our properties with all sorts of different critters. You’d be amazed at all of the different insects and animals you have crawling around outside your home! Fortunately, most of these pests stay outside where they belong, but there are always a few who try to sneak inside, especially in the winter months.

Earwigs are notorious for trying to enter our Alaska homes at this time of year. Continue reading to learn why they try to come inside and what you can do to stop them:

  • Shelter: Pests trying to escape from harsh winter weather is the number one reason we see infestations this time of year. If earwigs can find a way inside your home—like through a crack in the foundation—they’ll try to get in during the winter.
  • Food and water: Earwigs typically feed on dead insects and plants and drink any water on the ground. But when those nourishment sources are gone, earwigs will try to get inside or move to find food in firewood stacked near your house.
  • Attractive lights: Like most bugs, earwigs are attracted to bright lights. If you keep exterior lights on all night, you’re bound to attract some earwigs to your home. Hopefully, they’ll just stay outside and won’t try to enter.

How to prevent an infestation

Preventing an earwig infestation is fairly easy. Follow these steps, and you shouldn’t have to worry about an earwig infestation in Alaska:

  • Call a pest control service: Hiring a pest control service to treat your property is the best way to prevent an earwig infestation. Your pest control service will spray the exterior of your home to deter earwigs from entering. If you do notice a few earwigs or other insects, be sure to call an exterminator right away to handle them.
  • Don’t overwater: Earwigs love any excess moisture out in the garden. You can make your property less attractive by watching how much you water your plants. Only water your garden when necessary, and you shouldn’t see too many earwigs outside.
  • Dehumidify: Again, earwigs and excess moisture go hand in hand. If you spot any earwigs inside, there’s a good chance that your home is too humid and very comfortable for earwigs. Purchase a dehumidifier to suck that moisture out of the air and create a less comfortable environment for pests. Additionally, be sure to fix leaky pipes or dripping faucets right away.
  • Declutter: Be sure both the inside and outside of your home are clutter free. Outside, this means doing things like raking leaves and neatly stacking firewood away from your home. Inside, you’ll want to keep a tidy home and ensure there are no crumbs on the floor or piles of newspapers stacked up in the garage or basement, as these are favorite hideouts for earwigs.

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