How Fleas Affect Your Dog’s Health

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Dog owners dread fleas because of how much harm they can do to dogs and humans alike. Beyond the irritation of flea bites on the dogs and people in your household, there are some additional health risks associated with flea bites. Understanding more about fleas and dog health in Alaska can help you make sure that your dog is protected from fleas and prevent health problems for your dog and the rest of your family.

At their best, fleas are annoying. They cause painful, itchy bites that can affect dogs and humans alike. Once you have fleas in your home, it can be difficult to get rid of them. Beyond the sheer annoyance of fleas, there are also some common health risks associated with fleas on dogs in Alaska:

  • Flea-bite anemia: One of the most common diseases caused by flea bites is flea-bite anemia. Every time a flea bites a dog, the dog loses some blood. While larger dogs aren’t usually seriously affected by normal flea bites, smaller dogs are very susceptible to flea-bite anemia due to excessive blood loss from flea bites—especially if they have a lot of fleas. Dogs with flea-bite anemia typically show signs of fatigue, lethargy and pale gums. If you notice any of these symptoms, bring your dog to a vet right away for diagnosis treatment.
  • Tapeworms: Fleas can transmit tapeworms to dogs if your dog ingests a flea that is infected with a tapeworm egg. Tapeworms lead to extensive digestive complications for dogs that can cause weight loss, stomach pain, fatigue and chronic digestive problems. Thankfully, there are treatments for tapeworms. Reach out to your vet for medication if you think your dog has been infected with a tapeworm.
  • Flea allergy dermatitis: All dogs suffer from itchiness after flea bites, but some dogs have allergic reactions to flea bites that can be even more harmful. If left untreated, flea allergy dermatitis can lead to the development of painful sores and bacterial skin infections. If your dog has flea allergy dermatitis, your vet will prescribe medication to alleviate symptoms and prevent painful skin infections from flea bites.

Getting rid of fleas

To get rid of fleas on dogs in Alaska, it’s important to start by treating your dog with flea medicine. Next, focus on getting rid of fleas in your home. A pest control specialist can provide flea control solutions to get rid of unwanted bugs from your home and reduce health risks associated with flea bites for the people and animals in your household.

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