What Kind of Roaches Are Found in Alaska?

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You could look high and low and not find a creature that is as resilient as the common cockroach. These incredible bugs are one of those animals that has hit upon an evolutionary recipe so perfect that they’ve hardly needed to evolve for more than 300 million years. That’s longer ago than some dinosaurs! Roaches are so hardy they can survive in even the harshest conditions. In short, even in the state of Alaska, roaches can invade your home.

They come in all shapes and sizes in our lovely state, but few species of roach are as nasty as German cockroaches in Alaska.

What are German cockroaches?

German cockroaches are the most prevalent cockroach in the world. They have a light-brown coloring and six legs, and can grow to be more than half an inch long. Indeed, German cockroaches are so common that the odds are good that when you picture a cockroach, you’re thinking about a German cockroach.

The absolute worst

Obviously, no one wants an infestation of roaches, but German cockroaches are considered to be the worst of the bunch, hands down. Here’s why:

  • A roach infestation quickly reduces your property value.
  • German cockroaches carry bacteria and parasites on their feet, which can contaminate food sources.
  • German cockroaches breed rapidly.

Worst of all, when German cockroaches invade your home, they embed themselves deeply. They’re resistant to most over-the-counter pest control methods, and they aren’t easy to root out without professional assistance.

Where can German cockroaches be found?

If you’re concerned about the possibility of a roach infestation, here’s where to look. While these critters are capable of surviving in extreme conditions, German roaches in Alaska prefer to gravitate toward warm, moist areas. That means you’re most likely to find cockroaches in a kitchen setting. Residential and commercial kitchens both make wonderful homes for the German cockroach.

Even if you don’t see the roaches skittering about, you can still detect them by keeping an eye out for small droppings that look like black pepper. In places where the German cockroaches have been for a while, you might detect the slight smell of mildew.

How to prevent an infestation

If you want to avoid inviting a family of German cockroaches into your home, make sure to keep your kitchen and bathroom area as clean as possible. Remove bits of food (especially off the floor), and don’t let dishes pile up in the sink. You should also endeavor to keep all of the entrances and exits to your home sealed tight (that includes the windows).

Once a family of German cockroaches gets into your Alaska home, the only choice is to call in the pros for help.

Your pest control team

Since 1965, Pied Piper Pest Control has worked tirelessly to provide a comprehensive array of pest removal and elimination services to our valued clients. Whatever pest has invaded your property, our pros are ready to help get rid of it. Pick up the phone and call today—you won’t regret it!

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