What Are Silverfish, and Are They a Threat to Your Home?

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Regardless of your home’s size or location, you’ll most likely always have to deal with some sort of pest creeping around. One of the most common pests throughout the country is the silverfish, and they can be a real nuisance if they’re not handled properly. Continue reading to learn more about silverfish in Alaska, including the all-important question of whether silverfish are dangerous.

What are silverfish?

As their name implies, silverfish have a fish-like shape with a silvery appearance. They don’t fly, but they can run really fast and almost look like a swimming fish as they move. Adult silverfish are anywhere from a half-inch to three-fourths of an inch long, not including the tail. Silverfish tend to hide from humans, and they are most commonly found indoors in humid areas, like basements and bathrooms.

Are they harmful?

Silverfish are not harmful to humans in Alaska. So, the answer to the question, “Are silverfish dangerous?” is generally “no.” However, they can damage personal belongings, particularly old books, pictures or other paper products. They may also chew holes in clothing or wallpaper. For those reasons, they’re not insects you want crawling around your house.

Signs of an infestation

The leading indicator that you have a silverfish problem is feeding marks throughout your home. You may see holes in clothing, notches along the edge of a book or surface etchings in wallpaper. You may also see yellow stains, scales or feces in infested areas.

Silverfish prevention

Now that you know what silverfish are, it’s time to get rid of them. Follow these tips to ensure you don’t have to deal with them in your Alaska home:

  • Call an expert: The best way to control silverfish—and any other pest—is to call a licensed exterminator. Your exterminator can remove any silverfish that are already living in your home and spray a protective barrier that will deter them from ever entering it again. Additionally, this barrier will block other common pests, like ants, cockroaches, beetles and more.
  • Reduce humidity: Silverfish thrive in humid environments. To make your home less appealing to them, reduce the indoor humidity as much as possible. Setting up dehumidifiers in your basement and running the exhaust fan in your bathroom are the best ways to reduce humidity in your home.
  • Fix leaks: Another way to make your home less attractive to silverfish is by fixing any leaky pipes or drains. Silverfish are attracted to that excess moisture, so it’s best to stop it from happening as soon as possible.
  • Remove food items: Just like with other pests, limiting silverfish’s access to food can make them go away. Store all of your pantry items in plastic containers and ensure you don’t have any food crumbs lying around the house.

If you’re still wondering what silverfish are or if you need to eliminate them from your home in Alaska, pick up the phone and call our team at Pied Piper Pest Control. From exterminating insects to getting rid of rodents, nobody beats our expertise or prices!

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