Six Myths and Misconceptions About Roaches

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No one wants to find cockroaches in their home. Just the thought of a roach infestation fills most people with disgust and dread. However, roaches are misunderstood, even though they are no more intimidating than any other pests. Here are six roach myths and misconceptions in Alaska:

  • Roaches only infest dirty homes: Many people dread a cockroach invasion because of the myth that they are a sign of a dirty home. We even have customers who put off extermination services because they feared judgment. However, while dirty homes often have roaches, that is not the deciding element for them. Roaches seek access to food and water. Keeping your home clean helps to keep them away, but so does ensuring cracks and points of entry for insects are sealed. If you do not seal these spots, that is more likely to cause a roach infestation than forgetting to vacuum one day.
  • Only roach treatment kills them: Another misconception makes roaches out to be these super insects that can only die when exposed to toxic chemicals. However, they are actually very low on the food chain. Natural predators include centipedes, wasps and even your household pets. This shows they are far from super insects and can be controlled as easily as any other pests.
  • Cockroaches can survive nuclear war: This is a common one that has likely been repeated through generations since the beginning of the Cold War. It feeds into the super insect theory and adds to people’s fears of roaches. The only truth to this myth is that roaches can survive 10 times more radiation than a human. However, this does not allow for survival in a nuclear blast. They will be just as gone as we are if that ever occurs.
  • Roaches are always bad: There is slight truth here, because roaches are not exactly good, but only one percent of cockroaches in the world are considered pests. That includes about 30 types of roaches. However, the “bad guys” are the ones most likely to invade your household. They include the American, German, Oriental and brown-banded cockroaches. These types not only give your home an unsanitary appearance, but are also known to exacerbate allergies.
  • All roaches can fly: Like other myths, this one also intends to invoke terror. There are species that fly, but they are not usually invading homes. The ones most likely to invade your home use their wings to stabilize themselves when they jump, which can appear similar to flying. But even in that case, not all roaches can jump, either.
  • Big roaches are the worst ones: There is no difference between a large or small roach when it comes to the dangers posed to your home. A small roach is just as likely to exacerbate allergies and carry disease as a large one. However, we will grant that large roaches are much more unsettling!

Pied Piper Pest Control offers insect control throughout Alaska. Now that we’ve debunked some of the most common roach myths and misconceptions, you can start the search to exterminate them. Call us today to schedule an estimate.

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