Why Is It Important to Identify Harmful Bird Pests?

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Who hasn’t wished they were a bird, able to take off into the air at a moment’s notice? We never seem to envision ourselves as pigeons, though—who wants to be a pest? Birds are often a beautiful and charming part of our environment, but there are certain species that are less than ideal to have around. As anyone who has even cleaned bird droppings off their windshield or dealt with other bird pest damage in Alaska can attest, birds are just as capable of being pests as rodents are.

Major bird pests in North America

Some of the most major pests in North America you’re probably already familiar with: the pigeon, seagull, swallow and starling are all stubborn species who spread disease. Pigeons, for example, destroy buildings with their uric acid (and can breed up to four times per year), while gulls do the same and cause damage to low-flying aircraft. Starlings can overwhelm entire orchards, airports, industrial facilities and parks, while swallows’ mud pellet nests can cause a whole host of problems for building owners.

Although no one likes to think of birds as pests like insects, these species are difficult to deal with and can cause serious issues for neighborhoods and urban areas alike.

Why it’s so important to keep bird pests away

If you’ve ever dealt with a bird infestation, the droppings alone are probably enough to convince you that it’s a good idea to discourage them from making your home their home. If that doesn’t do it for you, here are some facts: birds like pigeons and starlings are invasive species that have taken over North America with no known predators—that means there’s no natural form of population control to keep things under wraps.

Not only that, but birds also carry disease, including salmonella, toxoplasmosis and even encephalitis. Their droppings also spread disease, so handle your dirty car with care. You’ll also want to clean up after a bird infestation as soon as possible, because the uric acid in their poop can not only eat away at your car’s paint, but also cause structural damage to your building.

And that’s not all invasive birds can do. Their nests can clog pipes, and they can cause power outages when they get too comfortable on the line—and what’s worse, they attract even more pests, like slugs, mites and gnats.

Ultimately, you should treat a bird pest invasion as you would any other pest issue: call an exterminator to start putting bird pest solutions in place at once. Your health may depend on it.

Get help identifying bird pests in Alaska

Pied Piper Pest Control can handle any type of pest, including birds. Since 1965, we have been a locally owned and operated company in Alaska, helping our clients rid themselves of harmful and annoying pests. Wherever you’re located, we’re happy to arrange an on-site call to determine the extent of your needs and the best method for pest removal. Call us today to get started.

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