How to Get Rid of Cluster Flies

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No one wants to deal with cluster flies, but they can hang out in your home when you least expect it. They’re tiny pests that manage to crawl into your home through small cracks and open spaces during the coldest winter months. (After all, who wants to be left out into the cold?) Apparently, they came over in ships from Europe and long for the warmth of your home… but we don’t think you want to keep them there!

While generally harmless (since they don’t carry diseases), cluster flies in Alaska are still serious pests. They crawl through electrical openings and baseboards, and might take shelter in your home. Here’s the gross part: they might leave dark droppings in your windows or doors, which are not only unsightly, but a total nuisance.

How can I get rid of cluster flies?

The cluster fly typically leaves eggs in the soil, which then hatch in the bodies of earthworms. (We know—it’s gross!) Generally, the fly’s pupae feed on the soil. This means there’s nothing you can really do to keep them away except keeping your home safe, secure and free of pests.

Keeping cluster flies away

Generally speaking, prevention is the best way to keep cluster flies in Alaska out of your home. You can use preventative sprays across all your exteriors, to help keep them out. Your local pest control company can probably provide some good recommendations. Be sure to apply to window frames, door frames, soffits and eaves. If you’ve already got a cluster fly invasion in your home, it’s usually easier to get a handheld vacuum and clean up their droppings while waiting for a professional to come in and handle the rest. The best time of year to seal your home is in the fall or spring, but if you can’t make that work or if you’re already too late, don’t despair.

Obviously, if you have a cluster fly invasion on your hands, having a professional come in and handle the problem is your best bet. Every building and home is different, so your pest control professional will be able to design a unique program that should be effective in your situation.

Do you have a cluster fly problem? Consider calling Pied Piper Pest Control to find out how we can help you get rid of a cluster fly invasion in your home.

Get help with cluster fly prevention in Alaska

Since 1965, Pied Piper Pest Control has used its ample expertise and strict attention to detail to help fellow Alaskans all over the state enjoy pest-free homes and businesses. We know that when insects do start popping up in your home, it can be more than just an inconvenience. It takes away your ability to feel comfortable in your own space, and that’s a real problem. We can help you figure out the source of the problem so that you can prevent future infestations from occurring. Call us today to find out more or schedule a service appointment!

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