Seven Natural Repellants to Help with Hornet Control in Alaska

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Many people prefer natural pest repellants to harmful store-bought chemical repellants. Luckily, there’s a host of eco-friendly, all-natural preventative measures you can take to ward off hornets. This list includes not wearing hornet-attracting brightly-colored clothes, serving a limited amount of sweet foods outdoors (like fruits, ice cream and candy) and not using scented personal products (like body spray, perfume, cologne and soap).

Below are seven natural insect repellants in Alaska that can banish hornets from your home and your outdoor spaces:

  • Fragrant plants: Plants like wormwood and fragrant mint herbs do a great job of repelling hornets and other insects. Plant them as a border around garden beds and outdoor hangout areas to create a hornet-free zone.
  • Essential oils: Try essential oils or essential oil-infused products like candles, shampoos and liquid soaps to naturally repel insects. One combination of oils that comes highly recommended is citronella oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, jojoba oil and pennyroyal oil. Because this combo is extremely potent, it cannot be used on your skin. Instead, spray this mixture on bedding, clothing and outdoor surfaces, or saturate strips of paper and hang them around areas frequented by hornets.
  • Sugar water trap: Another way to deploy hornet control in Alaska is to set up a sugar and water trap. Take a two-liter plastic bottle and remove the upper portion, then flip the upper piece and duct tape the two bottle pieces together. Fill the bottle with water and sugar and a touch of vinegar. Set the bottle close to where hornets hang out.
  • Solar-powered wasp trap: You can purchase a solar wasp and hornet catcher from the store or online to trap and kill these pesky critters. The right solar-powered catcher will emit a hot and bright light that attracts them. All you need to do is add a sugary substance into the jar to draw the insects in. Once inside, hornets won’t be able to escape easily.
  • A shop vac and soapy water: If your hornet problem is inside your home, like in the attic, consider using a shop vac and soapy water to get rid of them. Simply fill a shop vac with soapy water, point the head attachment at the pests and let the vacuum suck them up. You can either leave the shop vac running for a bit or stay on guard to verify they’ve all been eliminated.
  • A pressurized soapy water spray: Minor hornet problems can be dealt with differently. Eliminating hornets may be as simple as spraying soapy water at them as they fly by. Fill a spray bottle with drops of dish soap and add water. Keep the solution on hand.
  • Chemical-free repellants: A final option includes several alternatives to DEET-based commercial insect repellants. Shop around for labels that offer hornet repellants and eliminators made of safe, natural ingredients, such as citrus, orange peel extract, potassium salts and chrysanthemum flower pyrethrins. Also, seek out oil-based natural repellants that contain mineral, peppermint and canola oils and phenethyl.

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