How to Prevent Wasps from Building Nests in Your Home

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Wasps are some of the most problematic pests for homeowners. When you’re spending time outside and trying to enjoy the beautiful weather this spring and summer, you don’t want to worry about having to swat away stinging insects like wasps that are invading your space. While it’s impossible to eliminate your wasp encounters entirely, there are several insect control measures in Alaska that you can take to keep wasps at bay and prevent them from building nests on your property this spring:

  • Keep waste to a minimum: Wasps are attracted to garbage and waste, especially food scraps. You can reduce the risk of wasps nesting on your property by keeping open waste to a minimum. Make sure that all garbage is disposed of securely in a sealed garbage can or container. You should also check your yard regularly to make sure that any garbage and food scraps are cleaned up and disposed of promptly.
  • Maintain your landscaping: Wasps feed on insects that burrow in debris and tall grass, so you can reduce the number of wasps in your yard by keeping your landscaping properly maintained. Trim your trees and bushes, mow your lawn and make sure any piles of yard debris, leaves, grass clippings and branches are disposed of properly. Maintaining your landscaping can be one of the most effective forms of wasp prevention in Alaska.
  • Get rid of standing water: Wasps need a reliable source of water to survive, so you should make sure that any standing water on your property is kept to a minimum. Empty water from birdbaths, buckets, toys, lawn furniture and any other objects that might have collected rainwater. Getting rid of standing water can also reduce the number of mosquitoes that you have to deal with when the weather heats up.
  • Stock up on wasp spray: There are several products that you can purchase to help you get rid of wasps when they nest on your property. Wasp sprays and traps can be used on your property to kill wasps and deter future nesting, but sometimes these products are not sufficient to eliminate your pest problem.
  • Hire a professional: While there are plenty of things that you can do to prevent and get rid of wasps, you will usually be better off hiring a professional for insect control in Alaska. They will be able to safely and effectively solve your pest problem and provide you with advice to help you avoid pest trouble in the future.

Wasp prevention in Alaska
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