Getting Voles Out of Your Yard

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Whether or not you’re an animal lover, almost every homeowner can agree that there are some animals that they don’t want taking up residence in their space. Rodents often make their way into homes and yards to find warmth and a reliable source of food, but these rodents can cause a number of serious problems for homeowners. Voles can burrow into your lawn and garden and destroy your landscaping. If you’re dealing with voles on your property, you should follow a few key tips for effective rodent control in Alaska to address the issue.

Identifying voles

Voles are similar to mice, and they are often called field mice. These rodents eat vegetation like grass and other plants in lawns and gardens. Even if you don’t see a live vole, you can usually identify a vole problem by looking for the paths that they leave in your yard. Voles create tunnels or tracks that are about two inches wide as they eat away at your grass and plants. The main difference between the pathways that voles create and the pathways that moles create is that moles typically leave behind dirt mounds, while voles do not.

If voles are left to run rampant in your yard, they can destroy your landscaping, harm the root systems of trees and bushes and eat away at your garden. Here are some tips to help you get rid of these pests:

  • Maintain your landscaping: Voles look for abundant food supply, and a yard with overgrown grass and unkempt vegetation will likely attract a lot of voles. Make sure to stay on top of your landscaping maintenance and garden upkeep to keep voles off of your property.
  • Be careful with mulch: Voles often identify large piles of soft mulch around trees and shrubs as a prime spot for burrowing. You should avoid piling mulch too high or too close to the trunks of your trees and other plants. You should also make sure to clear away snow from your trees and shrubs, since voles may burrow in this snow and damage your plants.
  • Invest in professional pest removal: If you have an active vole problem, you should reach out to a professional for rodent control in Alaska. A professional will be able to address your vole infestation with effective measures to keep your yard protected. They can also offer additional tips and suggestions to help you keep voles out of your yard in the future.

Schedule pest removal in Alaska

You can find out more about vole control and pest removal in Alaska by reaching out to Pied Piper Pest Control. Our locally owned and operated business has been providing pest removal in Alaska since 1965, and we continue to offer comprehensive pest control services that deliver lasting results for our customers. Regardless of the specific pest issues you’re experiencing, our team has the training and expertise necessary to help you. Give us a call today to find out more about everything that we have to offer and to request a consultation and quote for our pest removal services.

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