Even the First Thanksgiving Was Plagued by Pests!

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Now that the holiday season is upon us, you might be reflecting on the history of the holidays that we celebrate, including Thanksgiving. Most people think about colonists settling in America and sharing a meal with Native Americans during Thanksgiving, but the pilgrims weren’t the only ones who made the journey across the sea to America. In fact, millions of pests entered America with the colonists, and we’re still dealing with these creatures today. Read on to learn more about the history of pests in America and find out what you can do to keep these bugs away from your holiday celebrations.

Colonists and pests in America

Many of the smallest creatures in the world—including fleas, lice, cockroaches and flies—are also the most resilient. Many of these bugs have been around for millions of years, and some have even been around since before the age of the dinosaurs. Because of how resilient these creatures are, it’s no surprise that many of them made their way to the Americas with colonists. The ships that transported colonists and explorers from Europe to the New World were stocked with food stores that attracted all kinds of pests. Cockroaches, weevils and other bugs burrowed into barrels of grain and packages of hardtack to sustain them on the journey over the Atlantic.

By the time colonists arrived on the shores of North America, the pests on the ships had subsisted on stored food for several weeks, but as these supplies were depleted, some pests moved on to seek greener pastures. Pests often moved from the ship onto land, where they found plentiful sources of food in settlements and wilderness areas.

The pilgrims’ ships are famous for introducing rats to North America, where they have since become an incredibly prevalent invasive species. Pests like mosquitoes and head lice also followed colonists on their journey to America. These bugs feed on human blood and had no trouble finding enough hosts to sustain them on their journey across the Atlantic.

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