What Is a “Leaf Roller”?

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Have you ever noticed that some plants in your garden have rolled leaves? This is not a natural growth pattern. It is likely the result of leaf rollers. These pests have invaded your plants and made themselves at home. They can damage your foliage and fruit and should be carefully monitored. To get rid of them, you may need to call for pest control service in Alaska.
What exactly are these leaf rollers? Following is the FAQ to familiarize yourself with these uninvited pests.

What is a leaf roller?

Leaf rollers are small caterpillars. They are green or greenish brown in color. They feed on leaves, fruit and buds. Species include fruit tree leaf rollers, variegated leaf rollers, red banded leaf rollers, oblique branded leaf rollers and omnivorous leaf rollers. They are commonly found in ornamental trees and fruit trees, and occasionally in vegetable gardens.

Why are they called leaf rollers?

These caterpillars live between the folds of leaves. The larvae curve the leaves around themselves and seal the surfaces together. This nature-made tent offers them protection, but does damage to the plant that the caterpillar has chosen to make its home. The larvae feed on unfolded leaves and also inside fruit and berries. As they feed, the rolled leaves brown and die.

How can I identify a leaf roller infestation?

Watch for folded or rolled leaves among your vegetation. The leaves typically show discoloration and may have small holes in them. These are signs of leaf roller feeding.

How can I control a leaf roller infestation?

If you discover rolled leaves in your landscaping or garden, pick the rolled leaves. Examine them for leaf roller larvae. If the larvae are not present, it will be more difficult to do anything about their presence, as the larvae have done their damaged and left. The larvae stage is complete, and you probably won’t see them again until next year. If you find larvae, contact your local pest control service in Alaska to determine the next best steps.

How can I prevent leaf roller infestation?

Spraying fruit trees no later than petal fall can help prevent leaf rollers from nesting there. However, spraying too late will be ineffective. It can help to plant diverse gardens to attract natural predators to keep leaf rollers at bay. Plant a variety of flowers that bloom throughout the season.

What else can I do to keep my garden healthy?

Healthy sanitation helps keep your garden pest-free and disease-free. Whether you are fighting leaf rollers or other sources of damage, make efforts to keep your garden free of dead, damaged or diseased materials. When pruning, remove cuttings and trimmings. Remove dead foliage quickly. Don’t let rotting fruits and vegetables remain in the garden.

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