Natural Ways to Prevent Ticks in Alaska

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Nobody likes dealing with bugs and pests, and ticks are especially irritating insects to encounter. Ticks can cause skin irritation and painful bites, and they can also spread dangerous diseases. To avoid ticks, many people use harsh pesticides and chemicals that are designed to ward off these insects. These products may be effective at keeping ticks away, but they can have some potentially harmful effects if they are used directly on the skin. Thankfully, there are alternatives out there that are effective and safe. Find out more about some of the natural methods for tick prevention in Alaska that you can use to stay safe this season:

  • Garlic oil: You might only think of garlic as a flavorful addition to savory dishes, but the oil that is derived from this plant can effectively serve several practical purposes. In fact, the essential oil that’s extracted from garlic can be used as a tick repellent. You can purchase garlic essential oil or make your own garlic repellent by mixing together four parts water and one part blended garlic juice. Put the mixture into a spray bottle and mist your yard, your pets and yourself to prevent tick bites.
  • Nootkatone: Nootkatone is a natural organic compound that comes from Alaska yellow cedar trees, citrus fruits like grapefruits and certain herbs. It is currently under review by the EPA to determine whether it is safe and effective for tick prevention in Alaska. Once it gains this EPA registration, nootkatone can be commercially sold and labeled as an insect repellent. In addition to keeping ticks away, nootkatone also has a pleasant aroma that is cheery and citrusy.
  • 2-undecanone: Currently, 2-undecanone is registered with the EPA and is considered to be one of the most effective natural tick repellent options. The compound comes from the leaves and stems of wild tomato plants and can be used as a combined tick and mosquito repellent. Studies have even shown that 2-undecanone is more effective than 98 percent DEET at repelling certain species of ticks, especially those that are notorious for spreading Lyme disease to humans and animals.
  • Essential oil blend: If you already use essential oils for aromatherapy or other uses around the house, you can create a blend of oils for tick prevention in Alaska. Rosemary, lemongrass, cedar, peppermint, thyme and geraniol essential oils are great for repelling ticks, especially blacklegged ticks. You can dilute these oils in water and spray the mixture around your yard. To use directly, mix the oil blend with coconut oil and apply it to your skin for an effective and moisturizing repellent.

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