How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants in Your Home

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Carpenter ants are common pests that can cause substantial structural damage to your home. Carpenter ants are spread throughout the United States. They are small, black insects that chew through wood to create “galleries” (or nests) to move through and establish their colonies. Over time, carpenter ants can adversely affect your home’s structural integrity and force you to invest in extensive and expensive repairs.

If you are experiencing a carpenter ant infestation, you should call a qualified and professional pest control service in Alaska before the problem escalates and causes avoidable damage to your home. In the meantime, there are a number of steps that you can take on your home to help eliminate the threats posed by carpenter ants:

  • Bait: If you are in the early stages of a carpenter ant infestation and are primarily seeing the insects outdoors, you can attempt to eradicate them from your property by placing carpenter ant bait in places where you’ve already seen the bugs. You should only opt for bait specially designed to attract ants. Even if other pests take your bait, you will still have to deal with the carpenter ants!
  • Insecticides: When ants are still outside the home, you can create a perimeter around your building composed primarily of powerful insecticides. Creating an insecticide perimeter can help you stave off the invaders while you are waiting for a professional specializing in pest control service in Alaska to come and eradicate the remaining insects from your property.
  • In-wood treatments: If the carpenter ants have already invaded your home, you need to immediately begin pursuing an aggressive treatment regimen. You will first need to identify exactly where the wall nests are located inside your home. Once you’ve found the nest, drill a small hole into the wall. Then, pour an aerosol insecticide directly into the nest area. This will kill the ant colony.
  • Homemade remedies: To pursue a more natural course of pest control, you can try using both boric acid and diatomaceous earth (DE). Mixing one part boric acid with two parts sugar water can be a safer form of poison bait. Similarly, food-grade DE can serve as a natural perimeter protecting your home from infestation. You can also spray boric acid directly onto nests, as long as you are careful to avoid electrical wiring.

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