Get Ready for Spring Cleaning! Six Tips for Effective Pest Control in Alaska

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Spring cleaning is about more than just organizing your things and finally scrubbing the hidden areas of your home clean—it’s also an opportunity to eliminate pests and keep them from returning to your home! Why spring? Well, this is the season when insects, rodents and other critters emerge from their winter hideaways to gather food and build fresh nests. Unfortunately, some pests will see your home and property as an appropriate space to take up residence. To prevent an infestation, be sure to check for pests this spring.

Are you ready to tackle that spring cleaning list, but need a few pointers to help you deal with pests? Below are six tips for effective pest control in Alaska:

  • Seal up cracks: Spring is a good time to check all around the inside and outside of your house for potential entry points. Insects can get in through the smallest cracks along windows, window screens and doors, in walls and light fixtures, and even around electrical outlets. Seal these areas using caulk or weather stripping. Install a mesh barrier under decks and raised porches to keep out bigger pests.
  • Use airtight containers: Dry or non-perishable pantry foods, pet food and bird food left open attract pests of all sorts. Keep these food items in airtight containers to minimize the chances of pests catching a whiff and making a beeline for your house.
  • Clean out pantries and cabinets: Add cleaning out your pantry to your spring cleaning list! Tossing old food not only opens up space for new food storage, but now you can easily clean the shelving of dust and food particles that attract pests.
  • Eliminate moisture: Pests like ants, silverfish and cockroaches are drawn to moist spaces, so take the time this spring to eliminate indoor moisture. A damp bathroom is especially enticing. Prevent pest infestations by checking for and fixing pipe, tub and toilet leaks, cleaning shower curtains and liners and clearing out medicine cabinets and storage space under the sink.
  • Tidy up: De-cluttering and tidying up around the house should be a spring cleaning goal for everyone. This includes main living areas, attics, basements, garages, sheds and other property structures. A clean, organized home allows positive energy to flow freely through each room, while also making it a less attractive space for pests to nest.
  • Check outdoor spaces: The transition between winter and spring can yield warm standing water, which mosquitoes love because it makes the ideal conditions they need to breed. Get rid of any standing water on your property! Also, keep wood away from the side of your house and other structures on the property. It appeals to destructive pests like termites, wasps, bees and wood-boring beetles.

The two most frustrating types of pests in Alaska are ants and rodents, although that does not mean no other irritating critters are prowling about. If not dealt with immediately, these relentless pests can cause a whole host of problems for homeowners by infesting homes, destroying property and spreading diseases. For quality pest control in Alaska, call the experienced team at Pied Piper Pest Control today!

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