The Keys to Winter Pest Control in Alaska

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When the winter weather rolls in and temperatures dip well below freezing, you might be cranking up your thermostat or utilizing a fireplace to keep you and your family toasty warm. Unfortunately, you aren’t the only one who wants to stay indoors to escape the cold. Many different insects and pests make their way into homes during the winter months in order to keep warm and safe. You want to stay warm and comfortable in your home, but you don’t want to host any unwelcome guests like rodents and insects.

Thankfully, there are things that you can do to prevent pests from infiltrating your home. By investing a little time and energy into winter pest control in Alaska, you can safeguard your home from a variety of pests:

  • Inspect your home: Before you begin winterizing your home in order to keep out pests, you should inspect inside and around your home to identify weak points. Make sure that you keep an eye out for any holes or access points where small rodents could get into your home. You should also watch for any areas where there is moisture or leaking. Pay special attention to your weather stripping and the seals on your windows and doors so that you know if anything needs to be replaced.
  • Minimize moisture: Cockroaches thrive in damp environments, so leaky sinks, stuffy attics and bathrooms can all become appealing homes for these unwanted pests. Make sure you check underneath your sinks, in your attic and basement and in other areas of your home where there could be leaks or moisture from rain and snow. You should fix any clogs or leaks and make sure that your basement and attic are kept well ventilated and as dry as possible.
  • Reinforce weather stripping: While you are inspecting your home, check the weather stripping around your foundation and your windows. If it looks worn or in disrepair, make sure to have it replaced. You want to make sure to maintain a seal that is as tight as possible so pests can’t make it into your home. Even tiny gaps or cracks can provide enough space for rodents. In fact, mice only need a gap the size of a dime to squeeze through! If you see any signs of cockroaches, you should contact a provider of pest control in Alaska immediately.
  • Reduce nesting sites: Piles of clutter in your attic and yard debris outside can create the perfect nesting sites for all kinds of critters. Keep pests away from your home by minimizing the number of places where they can hide. If you find a nest or you suspect that you already have pests in your home, you should call for pest control in Alaska to get the assistance you need.

You don’t have to share your home with unwanted pests this winter. Keep insects and rodents away by safeguarding your home and getting help from the experts at Pied Piper Pest Control. We know just how frustrating pests can be, not to mention the health risks associated with them, which is why we are committed to helping our customers keep pests away from their homes and businesses.

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