Take Back Your Garden! Five Ways to Practice Effective Squirrel Control in Alaska

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You may have watched squirrels playing in trees at the park or chasing each other across the top of your backyard fence. Squirrels are cute, some are even friendly, but they might be a bigger problem than you think, as they are quick to become little menaces to people trying to maintain gardens. What’s more is that squirrels multiply fast, and once they decide to set up residence on your property, they can be difficult to chase off.

How are they a problem? These little creatures are known to tear up garden plants, eat garden fruits and vegetables and chew up wood fences and tree branches. They also pose a health risk to humans, and can transfer fleas and ticks to pets.

If you don’t want squirrels in your yard, take action as soon as possible to get rid of them. Here are five humane ways to practice effective squirrel control in Alaska:

  • Don’t feed them: Like watching birds in a birdbath, squirrel watching can be a calming experience. To bring them into your yard, you set out critter food. Do the opposite to keep them out of your yard—don’t feed them. Setting out food invites them onto your property, but stop feeding them and they will eventually stop coming around.
  • Use mulch in pots: Squirrels like to dig to hide food, as well as to find it. As such, many squirrels will dig up and steal your potted flower and plant bulbs. You can prevent this from happening by using heavyweight mulching, like decorative rocks, stones or even grass.
  • Fence in or net your vegetables: You can’t keep every single squirrel out of your yard during the growing season, so get some bird netting to protect ripening fruits and vegetables. Cut the netting and wrap it around growing fruits, especially low-hanging fruits. You can also put wire fencing around your vegetable garden. It might not look pretty, but at least it will protect your bounty to some extent.
  • Try home concoctions: You can spray pure apple cider vinegar directly onto outdoor flower pots, around garden plots and at the favorite entry points of squirrels. ACV is too acidic and pungent for the squirrels to be around. If you don’t have outdoor pets, another trick is to sprinkle a mix of cayenne pepper and other spicy seasonings around the base of plants and pots. As the fruit ripens, dust a few (while still on the tree) with the spicy mixture to confuse squirrels into thinking the fruit tastes bad.
  • Install motion-activated sprinklers: If you are not comfortable using homemade deterring sprays or dislike store-bought critter control products filled with chemicals, then try a motion-activated sprinkler system. Most systems can detect not only squirrels and other small creatures, but bigger animals like deer.

While some people may only have a squirrel problem in their yard or around the outside of their office building, others have an infestation inside their home or building. Luckily, the team at Pied Piper Pest Control is well versed in squirrel control in Alaska. Call us to schedule service today!

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