Have Birds Taken Over Your Building? Here Are Some Tips for DIY Bird Control in Alaska

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Birds can be big, small, solid or multi-colored. We see them in our yards, flying overhead and hanging out on tree branches and power lines. They can also be spotted perched on a variety of buildings and structures, whether they are there for the day, seeking shelter from the weather or hiding from predators. But as pretty as birds may be, they are quick to become a nuisance once they start taking over a building—leaving droppings on walls, being loud and bothering office employees and visitors.

If your building has a bird problem, then the following tips for do-it-yourself bird control in Alaska are for you:

  • Cover garbage cans: Like most wild animals, birds are scavengers. When combined with living amongst people, the kind of scavenging changes from hunting small bugs to actions like digging through garbage cans. Birds will nest and land near convenient food sources, whether it’s trash cans at the entrance to buildings or dumpsters alongside commercial spaces. The simplest way to keep birds out of the trash is to cover garbage cans and dumpsters, or to use bird netting over food storage areas.
  • Get rid of standing water: Eliminate sources of water and the birds will most likely leave to nest elsewhere. Like covering trash cans, getting rid of standing water will make your building less appealing to birds. This means eliminating pools of rain or sprinkler water, and screening off water features like water fountains and decorative ponds.
  • Post signs about the birds: An additional step you can take as the owner of a building or structure with a bird problem is to post signs telling people not to feed the birds. Likewise, a sign reminding people to throw away their trash in the proper covered receptacle would also be a good plan.
  • Set up bird spikes: Although “bird spikes” sound harmful and inhumane, they are safe to use for bird control in Alaska. Bird spikes don’t hurt the birds. What they do is prevent birds from landing or nesting on specific areas of a building. Birds will defecate wherever they are perched, so building features such as signage, HVAC units, solar panels and awnings can definitely benefit from bird spike installation. If they are not able to land, then they cannot make a mess!
  • Use string: Another thing to try is weatherproof string. Take the string and tie it taut between two posts on opposite ends of the area where birds are a problem. Since birds will not be able to stabilize their weight on the taut string, they cannot land.

Birds are just as much of a pest problem as insects and rodents; however, a bird problem is usually more invasive, making getting rid of them a difficult task. If you’ve been unsuccessful at deterring birds from your building or structure, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Pied Piper Pest Control for help with bird control in Alaska. Call us today to arrange a free consultation!

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