Three Tips to Keep Your Home Bug-Free This Winter

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Yes, it’s cold in Alaska pretty much all year long, but the temperatures manage to drop even further during the winter months. This time of year, even the hardiest pests are going to be looking for a warm hiding place to escape the brutal conditions. Mice, cockroaches, spiders and other critters will attempt to find a haven within your home to avoid the below-freezing conditions.

It’s important that you take preventative measures both during the winter months and throughout the rest of the year to keep these pests out, as they can cause some serious damage to your home and belongings—not to mention that some invaders can pose a serious safety risk if they feel threatened. The bite of a deadly spider could be fatal, while a rodent can carry diseases like salmonella or Hantavirus.

Taking a few simple preventative steps, including calling for regular pest control in Alaska, can effectively keep bugs and rodents out of your home this winter. Incorporate the following precautions to keep winter pests from coming in:

  • Keep them out: Your best line of defense is to keep the bugs from getting into your home in the first place. Spiders, ants and mice can invade your house through the smallest entryways, so take the time to caulk and seal even the tiniest holes, cracks and crevices around windows and doors. Follow a similar approach by replacing any split or worn weather stripping around the doors and windows. Seal off any vents in your attic and install a protective screen over the chimney for an additional line of defense.
  • Take away their resources: Mice and ants won’t want to make your home their winter escape if there aren’t enough resources for their survival. Typically, most bugs want a warm or damp place filled with food. Take special care to store firewood at least 20 feet away from your home. Remove boxes and trash bags from closets or attics to clear clutter, which is usually a rodent’s favorite hiding place. Eliminate moisture sites, such as a leaky pipe, to prevent a cockroach infestation. Lastly, make sure all potential food sources both inside and outside the home are properly sealed so not even the cleverest of pests can find a snack.
  • Hire pest control in Alaska: Unfortunately, even with the best efforts, bugs and rodents may still find a way into your home. Take the ultimate precaution by enlisting the services of a provider of pest control in Alaska. A pest specialist will inspect your home to identify any vulnerable points so they can be remedied quickly. They might also recommend additional spraying to eliminate any bugs that might have already laid eggs within your home. Having this inspection completed at least once each year will ensure your home is protected from these intruders all year long.

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