How to Prevent Pests in Your Home or Business

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Pests, whether big or small, are a nuisance to deal with and come with a number of problems. They might pose health and safety concerns, cause itchy or painful bites or stings and might even cause you to be unable to use your home or commercial building until the problems are eradicated. Having to hire pest control in Alaska is on nobody’s wish list, but will ultimately be necessary if an infestation occurs.

Fortunately, there’s an easier way to avoid pests in your home or business: using practical methods to prevent them! These methods are not fail-safe or guaranteed to prevent all pests from entering the building, but they provide you with a much better chance of staying pest-free. Plus, taking steps to prevent pests is much easier than removing them once they are already there. Here are some tips to follow to prevent pests from getting into your home or business:

  • Seal cracks and holes: Cracks or holes on the outside of your home or business provide easy entrance points for insects, mice and other animals to get into your building. Make sure that any holes are completely sealed, as well as the entry points for utility lines and pipes.
  • Take out the trash: Many pests are attracted to food and rotting material, which means your garbage is their holy grail. Be sure to keep garbage in sealed containers with lids and take it out regularly to avoid a mess of bugs or other pests.
  • Clean up the kitchen: Cockroaches and other bugs and pests love food, especially small crumbs or accessible items to feed on. Make sure that your kitchen is wiped down, swept and the dishes are done, with all food put away in airtight containers to reduce the pests that are attracted to it.
  • Repair a rotted roof: Some insects are attracted to rotting wood, making a rotting roof the perfect place for them to invade. Be sure to check on your roof and get shingles repaired or replaced as necessary.
  • Trim the trees: Trees that have branches and shrubs hanging near your home can lead insects toward the building. Trim these bushes and branches back to give the building some space to avoid tree pests from coming too close.
  • Keep basement and attic dry: Your basement, attic and crawl spaces should be well ventilated and dry to prevent pests. Additionally, you can find pest-preventing options for insulation that can cut down on rodents or bugs infiltrating these spaces.

Keeping pests out of your home takes a little bit of work, but is much easier than having them removed by pest control in Alaska. If you want to keep your home or commercial building insect or rodent-free, these tips can save you the time, money and hassle of pest removal later.

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