Combat Spruce Tree Pests with Insect Control in Alaska

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Some people tend to believe that pests are only annoying when they invade their home. However, there are many pests—such as wasps and beetles—that live outdoors that can still be just as much of a pain as the pests inside your home. If you have a spruce tree in your yard, there is a chance that an infestation will occur. Should this happen, there are various steps you should take to control the infestation and keep things from getting worse.

Here are some tips for insect control in Alaska to fight off spruce tree insects:

  • Bark removal: Larvae are a problem when they invade spruce trees. They tend to live under the bark, so when you want to control insects around your home and keep them from finding their way in, remove the bark from trees that have been cut down or fallen. This is effective because the larvae won’t have a place to live, and this will help keep the number of wasps and beetles down.
  • Insecticides: The use of chemicals is an effective way to put a stop to a potential infestation. Insecticides kill larvae and insects that have found a home in the trees in your yard. If you decide to use an insecticide to control an infestation, keep in mind that you will first want to ensure you are purchasing the correct one, as choosing the wrong insecticide will not get effective results.
  • Tree removal: Removing the bark from trees that have fallen or been chopped down can help you control insects, but removing the tree could be the better option. This can be done by actually relocating the tree to someplace other than your yard, or by burning it. A huge reason for removing the tree is because larvae may have already established a home in the tree. With the tree no longer in your yard, you won’t have to worry about an infestation and can start to feel comfortable being in your yard again.
  • Proper tree care: Insects love trees that are weak, sick, damaged and in poor overall health. If you have several trees in this condition in your yard, you will likely experience an infestation at some point. However, if you put in the effort to keep the trees in your yard healthy and happy, they won’t be targets for insects. Consider watering your trees regularly and using fertilizer to keep them in good health year-round.

An insect infestation of the trees in your yard can be just as frustrating as pests invading your home. You may feel helpless and overwhelmed, but rest assured that this is a problem that can be solved. If you put forth the effort to gain control of the infestation, the insects should no longer be a problem and you can actually start to enjoy your yard once again.

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