Accomplish These Six Tasks Before Receiving Bed Bug Treatment in Alaska

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So, you became the unfortunate victim of bed bugs, and now extermination day has finally arrived! There are ways to help bed bug treatment in Alaska work the first time, and that requires attention to your home or business. If you do not accomplish these tasks, there is a chance you will face another infestation. Here are six ways you can help your exterminator and reduce your chances of seeing bed bugs ever again:

  • Wash bedding: The first thing you should do when you discover an infestation is wash all bedding, including mattress covers. Use hot water and the highest dryer setting you can manage without damaging your linens. Do not remove them from the dryer until they are thoroughly dry. Once clean, place the linens in trash bags and store them away from other possibly infested items.
  • Address clothing: All your clothes—even the items hanging in your closet—need washing. Just as with your bedding, use the highest water and dryer temperatures possible. If you have dry-clean-only items, take them out for cleaning or inspect them thoroughly. Put these items in plastic bags, too, and do not return them to your bedroom until the bed bugs are gone.
  • Disinfect your home décor: Curtains, pillows, blankets and stuffed animals should be placed in the dryer on the highest setting for 30 minutes. If any of these items were in a room with high exposure, add an additional 30 minutes. Double-bag them in trash bags once the dryer cycle completes.
  • Ask about items that cannot be washed: Your exterminator may use heat or insecticide for your infestation. If you have books, mobile devices and toys that cannot be washed, asked where to place them. For heat treating, we may want these items in the open so they receive exposure to the treatment. Insecticides can damage them, so inspect them carefully, and then place them in sealed bins.
  • Declutter: Bed bugs can hide behind home clutter as we exterminate. This leads to a future infestation and having to repeat this process all over again. Remove unnecessary items and double-bag loose items. Clear all floors, including closet floors. If you move anything to a garage or storage unit, inspect it first. Your exterminator will let you know which items should be treated. Leave those where they will be exposed. Even the smallest areas need to be accessible, including walls, closets and tight places around furniture. If you need to move items to increase accessibility, do so, but keep them in your home.
  • Vacuum: You need to vacuum everything—including couches, chairs, recliners, floors and rugs. This can remove live and dead bugs alike, which increases the success rate for extermination. Be thorough, especially in every crevice on a couch. Once you finish vacuuming, place the vacuum bag or waste (in bagless vacuums) in a sealed plastic bag and dispose of it.

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