Why You Require Professional Bed Bug Treatment in Alaska

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Bed bugs are challenging, and if they show up in a hospitality business like a hotel, your reputation is on the line. Unfortunately, bed bug treatment can vary by location, and that is true even in the cold temperatures of Alaska. You require professional assistance in this area so treatments will work and you do not spread your bed bug problem to other unsuspecting victims. Here is why you need to call professional pest control for your bed bug treatment in Alaska:

  • Treatments depend on region: The treatment a pest control technician uses in Florida will not work here in Alaska. For example, heat treatment is popular, but in Alaska, it encourages the infestation rather than reduces it. Our competitors use heat treatment despite this fact. That is why it is essential that you hire pest control professionals who understand regional differences when it comes to choosing treatment that works.
  • You can get them anywhere: Bed bugs show up wherever human presence is a constant reality. Places with high turnover rates like dorms, offices and hotels are vulnerable to this plague. Apartment buildings are starting to be affected, along with trains, planes, ambulances and movie theaters. To end up with an infestation in your home or business, all you need to do is visit the wrong place or accommodate a guest who did the same. It is surprisingly easy to pick up bed bugs.
  • Technicians must know where to look: Attracted to body heat, the small wingless insects can hide well. You may not know you have them until you or your pets develop skin irritations. They embed in mattresses and box springs, but also find cozy places in chairs and couches. Pest control technicians are not held to the stereotypes and will thoroughly clean all surfaces bed bugs love—including walls and carpet. Unless you are thorough, they will come back!
  • Your reputation depends on it: While there is no relationship between bed bugs and sanitation, that is still the common perception. Hotels can be ruined by them, and apartments can become hard to turn over. Parents pull students from their university quarters. Even if they infest your home, your guests may think less of you if they bring these critters home to roost with them, too. Rather than face this pain and suffering for longer than needed, find a way to get rid of them for good. That starts with professional pest control.
  • Prevention is difficult: In all honesty, there are no effective ways to prevent an infestation. Your best course of action is to know the symptoms so you can call in an exterminator sooner. Tar or rust-colored stains on bedding and furniture often get noticed first. Check for cast shells, too, if you run a high-turnover business. If you call pest control quickly, you are less likely to spread them, and may even exterminate them before people start to notice.

If you suspect bed bugs, do not delay! Call Pied Piper Pest Control when you need bed bug treatment in Alaska at your home or business.

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