How are Bed Bugs transported (who can I blame)?

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Bed Bugs cannot fly, nor will they travel out of doors. They are professional “hitchhikers”. As an example, if someone visits a home or business that has a problem, they may decide to climb into personal items such as suitcases, purses, bags and the like, and not have a chance to get out before you pick them up and leave. OR, if you buy or take items that are in such a location (such as, but not limited to furniture, appliances etc), you may carry the bugs hiding there to a new location. In addition, persons who live or work in an infested location may transport them the same way or even on their own clothes. While Bed Bugs do not cling naturally to their host like lice (and fleas to animals), if they are unable to detach before the person arises and gets dressed, they will hang on for dear life. Most often, however, it is a result of their having been hiding in the person’s clothes, especially those left on the floor, couch or bed. While we are often asked “who is to blame”, it is very difficult to do so. You may have brought it in yourself; your “common wall” neighbor may have brought them in. We can assure you that it is not a symptom of sanitation or culture, it just happens.

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