Are Bed Bugs really that bad in Alaska?

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Unfortunately, YES!

Actually, there has always been the occasional outbreak around the State, but never in our 48 year history at the high levels seen now. Because they are an indoor pest and travel easily, ecologic barriers we see in other pests do not apply. If you travel, you can bring them home. If you visit at any length in an infested location, you can bring them home. If your guest has them at home OR picked them up while traveling your way…well, you get the picture.

For what is likely your best resource for information on this pest, go to Bed Bug Central’s EXCELLENT Website:  Bed Bug Central

(AND while you are there, check out Dr White’s Bed Bug Central TV webcasts.)

PIED PIPER has researched and chosen what we feel to be the best and safest approach to this problem. We are pleased to announce that we have qualified for the “BED BUG FREE Program.

This approach was developed by one of the leading Bed Bug entomologists in the country. It features the least amount of chemical necessary and a proactive approach to mechanical control options. With this approach, we are in a position to actually offer an elimination guarantee in many instances. It has special promise for our loyal property management firms and landlords, who are now facing the dilemma of how to provide real quality living to their clients while dealing with an adjoining unit experiencing Bed Bugs.

Please do not hesitate to call us. Bed Bugs can reproduce and spread easily and because of this, need immediate attention. Our discreet staff will handle your problem kindly and tactfully.

TIP: If you experience a sudden outbreak of Bed Bugs in the Spring or Fall, it may be their “cousins”, the Swallow or Bat Bug. We first identified the Swallow Bug in Fairbanks in the 80’s. In 2009, we were able to confirm, with the help of a client, the presence of Bat Bugs. Watch for Swallow nests in your eaves, usually made out of mud, or bats entering and leaving your roof area at dusk or dawn.

For More Information, Please Visit our Bed Bug FAQ Sheet.

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