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I am sure that some of you were surprised by my announcement above about divesting Cherry & I of our responsibilities at Pied Piper and Sanitation Services. While we have been so pleased to be a part of this great company since 1985, and principle shareholders since 2003, two totally unexpected recent events made divestiture the best option for us.

On November 7, 2016 I was diagnosed with significant Pulmonary Embolisms. While the prognosis and protocols would normally have made it possible to continue “in command” on a limited basis over the next year or so, a second finding was not so generous. The following day, scans were able to verify a tumor on my Pancreas and lesions on my Liver – “Pancreatic Cancer – Stage IV”. Unfortunately the PP’s for this disease were not so forgiving: Terminal, 3-6 months, palliative care only.

If you have counted with me and think that is ‘two (2) unexpected events’, I prefer to label them 1A & 1B. You see, during my 3rd ER stay, Cherry informed me that she had just had confirmed that day a completely different type of cancer, already grown extensively throughout her body, and with only a 6-18 month prognosis. Since my first duty is to her, and she to me, we decided on a course of action that would give us the best results possible over the next year and a half. Unfortunately, relieving ourselves of the business I love so much became un-ignorable.

I appreciate the prayers calls and e-mails that we have received during this time. While only 3 of our 5 children are being asked to step up to the reigns of Pied Piper right now, all are here with us in Anchorage, two at considerable expense in time and money, but all working tirelessly to assist us through the inevitable. Let me also reassure all of you that Cherry & I face this future with concern only for the ones we leave behind. Because of our deep love for Jehovah, Jesus and The Bible, we are convinced beyond words that the events leading to our earlier than normal death are NOT their faults, but Satan’s. We look forward to sleeping so soundly, with no indication of consciousness, until we are invited to rise to life in a “new” earth devoid of Satan, His Demons, His material, political, religious and military organizations into new human bodies with no sin inherited from Adam and the closest we will have yet been to the opportunity for Life Eternal (FOREVER!) on a global paradise home. It will be our privilege to meet and greet as many of you as possible then.

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