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I am the current General Manager of Pied Piper and the President of Sanitation Services, Inc.  Born & raised in Fairbanks Alaska, graduate of Lathrop High School. After graduation, I went into full-time ministry before marrying Cherry McAllister in September of 1972. We had the unique privilege of being on our honeymoon at the McKinley Park Hotel when it burned down! We went to Logan, WV and then to Devils Lake, ND for the next 12 years assisting in small congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses. We moved home in 1984, settling in North Pole and eventually here to Anchorage.

We have five grown children, all in the area. The oldest, Jesse, has a computer networking and development business (JP Technical) here in our facility and his wife, Gini, is one of our office staff. Amanda works at Nordstrom and she along with her husband, Tony, cares for our only grandchild, Payton Cherry. Our middle son, Russell, is a service technician here, and very skilled on the phone identifying problems and solutions. Grant works for Northern Air Cargo (a network and computer geek like Jess), he and his wife Monica are learning Samoan to assist that population with Bible education in their own tongue. The baby, Rachel, works at Wells Fargo and goes full time to UAA looking for a career in forensic accounting.

Besides Cherry and my activity as Jehovah’s Witnesses, I am also an avid Amateur Radio Operator (Ham) and volunteer as an examiner for FCC Amateur Radio testing sessions.

I came to work for this company in 1985, as the Branch Manager in Fairbanks and learned a lot about pests in the far north. I moved the branch quickly to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and have carried that approach through the company after my appointment to General Manager in 1992. With a fine staff, in the office and in the field, I am able to handle many of the more unique pest concerns that come our way from fellow Alaskans. In addition, you may have seen my face or read comments and interviews in regard to my activity with pesticide and pesticide applicator issues in the State and before the Legislature and Anchorage Assembly. I am also involved on a national scale representing certain organizations interests from a local perspective.

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