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I am the Office Manager of Pied Piper and Vice-President of Sanitation Services, Inc. I was born and raised in Logan, WV (Verdunville) and graduated from Logan High School. After graduation I worked for the local newspaper and in the school system. In the spring of 1971 I went to Fairbanks, AK to visit my sister for the summer, where I met Ken. I returned the following spring, and we married in the fall. Yes, I became Cherry Perry (plus we now live on Cherry Street)!

When Ken began managing the Fairbanks Branch of Pied Piper, I jumped right in, taking calls and answering questions since the phone was in our home. I have enjoyed learning about various pests and problems my neighbors are facing, and helping them find solutions. In some cases, identifying the pest right over the phone, I can reassure them and offer suggestions they can put to use. Moving to Anchorage was an unexpected change, and I have enjoyed the wider range of calls we get here as opposed to Fairbanks. I must say that I do not miss the 40 to 70 below temperatures I experienced in North Pole, but I did leave behind many dear friends when we left.

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